Monday, July 20, 2015

Meet the Girls

Presenting Our Milk Cows

Life is kinda funny how we never know where we will go and what passions we will pursue.  I find it extraordinary that a person can live in the city and by chance move to the country and find a passion that grows daily!
I have found my passion MILK COWS!
The learning curve has been steep but I hope to share all that I have learned with others and strive to breed the perfect family Jersey cow.  Perhaps a cow that existed around the early 1900's.
A family milk cow does and has always played a vital role in providing nutrient dense food to her homestead.
Due to the amazing impact a milk cows brings to your homestead, I want to share the qualities I find important in finding your perfect family milk cow.
I Can't stress this enough.  It is so important to test your dairy cows yearly and know their background.  
Chances are you will drink raw milk and it is very important to know the status of your cows health BEFORE  you drink her raw milk.  Our herd is tested every May for the following dairy diseases:
TB (tubercolosis)
BVD (bovine viral diarrhea)
Q Fever
BLV (bovine leukosis virus)
She must be free from mastitis.
On this subject I don't necessarily mean the most popular American dairy genetics.
Remember if you want to a grass-fed cow you must choose grass-fed genetics.  If you want to feed grain then choose accordingly.  We follow holistic management and strive to follow a Weston A. Price influenced diet, so for us our milk cow's level of nutrition is directly linked with our level of nutrition and health.
   Our herd sire is "The Balladeer of Branched Oak Bruno" purchased from Ben Gotschall of Holt Creek Jerseys in Nebraska in 2012 and we have been very pleased with Bruno and his offspring.
To read more about grass-fed genetics and information about Bruno go
We believe an "easy keeper type cow" is desirable for a family milk cow. Maintaining body condition  while lactating on a grass-fed diet is very important to us.

We want to introduce you to the girls!
I will be adding more cows and information, but to start with here is:

RAINEY Born July 14, 2013
Her mother is a registered Jersey named Dolly and Bruno is the sire.  She has a super sweet disposition and is absolutely gorgeous.  Grass only body condition.  Her mother was one of the friendliest cows I have owned and Rainey has the exact personally of her mom.

Dolly x Bruno


Nickel is from one of our favorite cows named
Penny (funny name).  Penny is one of our
cows milked for Cole's Creamery raw milk.
She is consistent, small statured, very agreeable
and enjoys being milked.
We have high hopes for Nickel!

NICKEL born September 10, 2013

Penny x Bruno


Meet Belinda the daughter of Blackie (Jersey x Holstein).  Blackie is used to provide milk for Cole's Creamery and is very reliable.
Belinda was born October 2014 and is sired by Bruno.  She will have an ample supply of milk.





Bruno remains in great condition despite our dry and very hot temperatures.
We have owned him almost 3 years and he maintains great body condition in all seasons.

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